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开斋节期间重型车辆严禁上路 [ 11-08-2012 ]

Road Transport Department (RTD) announced a ban on heavy vehicles from using all roads for Four days during the Hari Raya festive in 2012. The ban will take effect on August 17-18 and August 25-26, 2012The objective of the restriction is to reduce accidents which caused by heavy vehicles and keep the traffic flowing. 


The following are the categories of restriction on the heavy vehicles during the Hari Raya festival:


Category 1:

(Strictly prohibited on road during this period)

  1. Lorries carried timber or building materials such as cement, steel, sand, iron and stone except permission in Category 3
  2. Cement mixers and other heavy vehicles i.e. crane, low loaders and heavy mobile machinery (e.g. bulldozers and steamrollers.)


Category 2:

(Allowed to operate from 6.00am to 12.00 midnight during the period)

  1. Container and cargo lorries carrying electronic and electrical goods.
  2. Container and cargo lorries from the port to and airport of different origin (e.g. port Klang, Selangor to Senai airport, Johor)


Category 3:

(According to various constraints of the road, allowed on road from 6.00am to 6.00pm around Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Georgetown, and Ipoh only)

  1. Concrete mixer Truck
  2. Mobile cranes
  3. Tipper lorries (transport stones and sand)


Category 4:

(No Restricted)

  1. Vehicles carried medicine and chemical gas
  2. Container and cargo lorries ply between international airport
  3. Container and cargo lorries ply between same area airport and port
  4. Lorries carried daily necessaries (foodstuff, fruit, vegetable, raw materials, newspaper and poultry) and sundry goods or empty lorries on return trip
  5. Vehicles carried garbage or sewerage
  6. Small lorries d’controlled (Below BDM 5000kg)
  7. Container and cargo lorries between terminals in port of same origin
  8. Lorries shuttle among warehouse, industrial area and port
  9. Tanker lorries carried flammable substances (petroleum/diesel , gas dan LPG)
  10. Lorries involved in Emergency and rescue operation


We strongly urges those affected by the total ban should plan their logistics and supplies in advance to minimize any adverse impact the ban would have on their businesses and operations. We hope this information be able to help members and associates in some way or another.

For further information, please contact Road Transport Department:


Address: Aras 1, Blok D4, Kompleks D,

Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan

62620 WP Putrajaya

Tel: 03-8886 6412

Fax: 03-8886 6726


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