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  • FEATURE:Auto Lock cutter knifeTough steel handleBlade made of extra durable SK2 SteelErgonomic design comfort right and left handed useSuitable for office useThe thin knife suitable and facilitate light cutting jobsSuitable for cutting paper, c...
  • With improved heat stability and durability, this middle-class model is Project Mu-developed using FC cast-iron. The fins feature an original radiating shape that increases heat release. Ideal for a wide range of driving scenarios from the street ...

  • The round slits have a greater cleaning effect than their straight counterparts, and improve initial braking. Highly recommended for those that mainly do on-street “sport” driving.

    Structure 1Piece ...
  • Material Non Steel Applicable Rotor Temperature 0~400℃ Friction Coefficient 0.37~0.40μ
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  • Genuine repair models offer performance equivalent to genuine parts, and can be used as replacements for vehicle inspection certificate purposes.

    Material Non Steel Applicable Rotor Temperature 0~350℃ Fricti...

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